The Scoreboard: ‘I Love You All’ The Soronprfbs – Frank (2014)

So when I went into the cinema to watch Frank back in 2014 I really had no idea what to expect. I was living in South Manchester at the time the turf of the iconic papier-mache comic Frank Sidebottom the film drew inspiration from. My thoughts at the time were about how the bloody hell can they make an indie musical comedy from this character starring none other than Michael Fassbender, unless of course it was inspired by Frank Sidebottom’s ‘Panic On The Streets of Timperley’!

Well they only went and bloody did it and Frank turned out to become one of the most endearing musical comedies out there.

I look at Frank as an inspirational coming of age film for the freaks, weirdos and the insecure out there, which let’s be honest we all are in someway or another! It’s about a chaotic group of misfits who through whatever circumstances have found each other and discovered a sense of place and normality together.

The members of The Soronprfbs which includes the enigmatic Frank (Michael Fassbender), mood swinging Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal), and manackin ‘friend’ Don (Scott McNair) have come together with all their often extreme quirks and insecurities to find a special kind of peace through music. Indeed it’s the ‘straight’ character Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) with his obsession with popularity and finding his muse that soon seems the most destructive and insecure.

I think the closing song ‘I Love You All’ really encapsulates this is outlandish sense of togetherness, belonging and love. Like hammering mismatched lost pieces of a jigsaw together, it won’t look right but the board will be just as strong.

Fun bonus fact: the introduction scene where Jon becomes the new keyboardist is true to life of how Jon Ronson, co-writer and Frank Sidebottom’s keyboard player, found his way into the band.


The Scoreboard: ‘None of Them Are You’ Carter Burwell – Anomalisa (2015)

What’s in a film soundtrack? Sometimes it’s so bland you barely notice it, sometimes it’s so forced in your face you can’t help notice it, but then sometimes it’s that perfect accompaniment that takes the cinematic experience to a special place.

There’s those special cosy moods when you’re walking home from the cinema with that one tune in your head reliving the story you’ve just been lost to the world in for the past two hours; it’s a very warm feeling. This new feature The Scoreboard is here to celebrate those moments, and to begin with I’ve picked a quite unique entry…

Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson’s Anomalisa was such a wonderful piece of work. It is a love story in a very bitter-sweet sense. It’s a perfect snapshot of that fresh, enflamed feeling at the beginning of a relationship accompanied with that niggling feeling of anxiety and sometimes doubt.

It’s a very mesmerising experience and so when the curtains go down and the credits role to this simple lounge tune. composed by the great Carter Burwell and sang by Tom Noonan the voice of ‘everyone else’, I found myself transfixed.

There’s something about the simple, dream-like melody accompanied by the imperfectness of Noonan’s voice that just fits so perfectly with the film. It’s has a certain uneasy nostalgia to it, that speaks for all the highs and lows I am sure we have all felt in our love lives…