The Clip Show: An Alternative Soundtrack to Paris, ‘La Haine’ (1995)

Ah gay Paris, the city famous through out history for it’s romance, beauty and extravagance. But like any major city in the world, Paris hides some ugly organs deep below it’s picturesque ‘front of house’ face.

Far from the city’s crisp, clean centre 1995’s magnificent La Haine broadcasts to the world the seldom seen urban strife from one of the city’s many ‘banlieues’; large, cramped inner city residencies along with a great deal of social and racial tension. These Parisian urban jungles play a tune heard in similar inner city landscapes; one of social segregation, disenfranchised youths and a culture of crime.

This clip provides an excellent musical demonstration of the contrast between the bright and dark sides of modern Paris. It’s a cold and dangerous world in which young men with no prospects must embrace the harsh reality around them and, above all else, ‘regrette rien’; regret nothing.


The Clip Show: Purple Rain

Today came the sad news of the untimely death of the masterful Prince. In my opinion no artist blended together music with a cinematic and theatrical presence quite like Prince; well Prince and another tragic 2016 loss David Bowie that is.

Prince was a man who never stopped performing. His commitment to entertainment was second to none.

Here’s the theatrical trailer for 1984’s ridiculously cool Purple Rain…

The Clip Show: Police Squad visit The Hospital

I have a massive soft spot for a good old tongue-in-cheek spoof film and there are no finer examples than 1988’s stupidly hilarious The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Back during my early 90s in the Furnival household one of our most popular VHS’s was a tape of Naked Gun that my dad had recorded off the TV. I loved it then for the perfect slapstick timing and general silliness, and I love it now, well for both of these reasons still, but with the added bonus of now being able to understand all of the many double entendres!

It’s because of this that I was very sad to hear of the passing of George Kennedy who came to fame as Dragline Cool Hand Luke and later as Frank Drebin’s sidekick and best friend Ed Hocken in the Naked Gun series.

So as a tribute to George, and of course the brilliant Leslie Nielson who we lost in 2010, here is one of my favourite clips from Naked Gun where the boys go visit Nordberg, played by OJ Simpson (who is still alive but his career died along time ago!) in ‘The Hospital’.

It’s sad to think that both of these actors have now passed on. I promise you that I won’t rest for one minute in making sure these fine men are honoured… now let’s grab a bite to eat.

The Clip Show: The Joy of Sex with Big Jim Slade

Here’s a bit of sexual healing for all you lovers out there. This sexual guidance video comes with everything you need to add that spice back into your relationship… as well as a rather effective ‘Plan B’!

This clip comes from John Landis’ 1977 comedy merry-go-round The Kentucky Fried Movie. I first saw this film when I was naughtily staying up one school night when I was about 13, it came on Channel 4 one midnight and obviously being a preteen at that very confusing part of a boys life I was very much enthralled by the amount of awesome boobs in this film! Coming back to this film at an older, but equally as immature, age I now see that this is a hilarious comedy film that is often overlooked.

It’s silly and it’s tongue in cheek but it’s damn funny! And the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln!

WARNING: May not be suitable for work!

The Clip Show: Badassery and Frisbees

So I have such a huge soft spot for low-budget 80’s action flicks and none more so than Andy Sidaris’ ridiculous “Triple B” series; the triple B’s stand for ‘Bullets’, ‘Bombs’ and ‘Babes’ if you are curious!

Sidaris would hire a small cast of Playboy and Penthouse models and chiseled-chin actors fresh from the steroid-fueled Hollywood gyms and fly out to Hawaii to film a multitude of spy and martial arts films. He’d reuse the same cast throughout the series even though there is very little continuity between the film; therefore actors who played villains that died in one film would be back for the next as a completely different character. He also had some reoccurring characters in the series and it is apparently set in the same ‘Universe’ but the stories are never linked together or acknowledge one another! It is a beautiful and very humorous mess full of bad acting quirks and wonderfully bizarre action scenes; give one of his films a watch if you fancy a good old B-Movie action night!

Here is a clip from the 1987 Sidaris film Hard Ticket To Hawaii teaching us all to exercise great caution when playing the simple game of frisbee; especially if you are an armed mercenary guarding a top secret criminal base.

Hey reader! You’ve got a great ass.