The Search Continues

Well it’s certainly been a while; 7 months I’ve been in hiding in fact. Well what can I say, sometimes life just gets in the way…

Those of you that know me when I am away from the keyboard will know that for quite a while I’d been looking to move on career wise, but for various reasons it was becoming a bit of a struggle and I had a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.

In a nutshell life had hit a bit of a rut this Summer, not just with my job but various other things too. Things just felt very stagnant and it’s because of this I decided to put aside a few projects, including this blog, to focus the majority of my spare time on self evaluation, self improvement and generally just formulating a plan.

I am delighted to report that this ‘time off’ worked a treat and for the past two months I have been working in a new job and life is feeling pretty good. It’s funny how sometimes things come into place very naturally, the new job just feels like it ‘fits’ and I feel like life is starting to fall together nicely.

So anyway that’s where I’ve been hiding, but now that I’m settled again I plan to bring this blog back to life. I have certainly missed having the time to do it!

Whilst I have been away I have still caught the odd new film here and there, namely the okay 10 Cloverfield Drive, the pretty good The Girl With All the Gifts and the bloody brilliant Embrace of the Serpent. But all in all my Picturehouse membership has been dangerously under utilized, so I need to right that wrong!

So watch this space, The Search for Macguffin goes on and in the immortal words of Russel Casse who red-necked the world to safety in 1996, ‘Hello boys, I’m BAAAAAACCKKK!’