The Clip Show: An Alternative Soundtrack to Paris, ‘La Haine’ (1995)

Ah gay Paris, the city famous through out history for it’s romance, beauty and extravagance. But like any major city in the world, Paris hides some ugly organs deep below it’s picturesque ‘front of house’ face.

Far from the city’s crisp, clean centre 1995’s magnificent La Haine broadcasts to the world the seldom seen urban strife from one of the city’s many ‘banlieues’; large, cramped inner city residencies along with a great deal of social and racial tension. These Parisian urban jungles play a tune heard in similar inner city landscapes; one of social segregation, disenfranchised youths and a culture of crime.

This clip provides an excellent musical demonstration of the contrast between the bright and dark sides of modern Paris. It’s a cold and dangerous world in which young men with no prospects must embrace the harsh reality around them and, above all else, ‘regrette rien’; regret nothing.


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