The Clip Show: The Joy of Sex with Big Jim Slade

Here’s a bit of sexual healing for all you lovers out there. This sexual guidance video comes with everything you need to add that spice back into your relationship… as well as a rather effective ‘Plan B’!

This clip comes from John Landis’ 1977 comedy merry-go-round The Kentucky Fried Movie. I first saw this film when I was naughtily staying up one school night when I was about 13, it came on Channel 4 one midnight and obviously being a preteen at that very confusing part of a boys life I was very much enthralled by the amount of awesome boobs in this film! Coming back to this film at an older, but equally as immature, age I now see that this is a hilarious comedy film that is often overlooked.

It’s silly and it’s tongue in cheek but it’s damn funny! And the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln!

WARNING: May not be suitable for work!